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Catalyzed by new retail demand, channel stores actively introduce smart retail solutions. Circulation experts provide integration of technology solutions from a comprehensive and forward-looking perspective, and accompany startups to grow together, establish themselves in Taiwan, and go international.

Project Managenment

It is necessary to provide a clear owner evaluation business service(Request for Proposal), Supplier capability (Vendor Analysis), and performance of internal and external management and functions ( which means project management). The consultant has experience in the introduction of medium and large systems, and successfully completed the new system introduction or system switching in line with the owner.

Business Development

Provide business entrustment plans for new business development (Business Development) for upstream and midstream system suppliers. The consultant has many years of experience in business negotiation and negotiation. Although it is an external appointment, it can be implemented in place and achieve the owner's expectations.

Information System

Provide downstream channel owners with the most suitable Omnichannel Sales System, Backend System, and Headquarter System, and introduce the latest digital transformation thinking and agile management at home and abroad to enhance the digital capabilities of owners.

Payment Cash Flow Management

Provide downstream channel owners to import the most suitable online and offline cash flow payment management mechanism (Multiple Payment Management), with the most suitable cost, low risk, and rapid introduction of various digital payments, including credit cards, third-party payment, ticket and mobile payment, etc. Among them, it has assisted many owners to complete the signing of contracts with various payment providers, and even mechanisms such as the invoice mechanism and the reconciliation platform can also complete the one-stop application service.

Store Location Development

Provide suggestions on the most suitable store development projects for owners who intend to develop offline stores. It includes scientific analysis of crowd locations, rental evaluation and negotiation support for street shops and shopping malls, and suggestions on matters needing attention when signing contracts. Let the direct business owners or franchise headquarters have a more rapid expansion policy and opportunity cost control.

Operation Menegement

Provide offline chain store operation management mechanism (Operation Center), provide standard operating procedures, establish education and training mechanism, and supervise and supervise system. Allowing shareholders and investors to invest in the retail business with greater peace of mind and making it easier to operate stores.

Design and Brand

Provide corporate identity (CI) and brand planning to effectively convey the spirit of enterprise. At the same time, it has the official website design and establishment of corporate image, and further provides marketing activities planning services.

Programme and Development

Provide exclusive customized system development services (Offshore Outsourcing), like the concept of an arsenal to construct a high-quality program system. Provide system development capabilities required for Windows, Android, and iOS platforms, assist owners who need system outsourcing, and quickly deploy system development partners.

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