Hello, we are Retail Darren

Composed with top members in various circulation fields
We will assist your business to succeed!

About Us

Actual pioneer in the field of circulation

The Daren team has senior consultants from various fields, and they are the actual pioneers in this field. Years of practical experience can provide you with the most suitable advice in real time
Whether online or offline software and hardware, in the field of circulation
We are talent


No matter what type of business you are in
We have solutions ready for you, planning for you, instant import

Project Management

Business Development

Intelligence System

Payment Flow

Store Development

Operation Management

Design and Branding

Programming and Development


Our Service

In the ever-changing circulation market, time is fleeti, we have no time

Whether online or offline, cash flow logistics, software and hardware, system development or brand design...
You need a clear and correct path, integration and trial and error to the people who have gone through countless large and small projects
Provide Time and money are the keys to success!

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Our Team

Our team Standby for you anytime

You will be amazed by the consultant group our team has
In any field and any link, there are senior experts at any time to give you the best advice


Success Case

Smart Retail

Automation, Robotics, Digital Transformation

Overseas Export

Expansion of overseas markets, management of distribution system

Domestic Import

Develop domestic market and build management team

Online to Offline

E-commerce development to physical stores, virtual and real integration management

Project Business

System supplier management, system integration

Overseas Project

Team communication between Taiwan and Japan, implementation of transnational projects

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